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The purpose of this page is to allow students and community stakeholders to have a voice in the continuous improvement process at Central Community College. While employees may use this avenue, direct communication or questions to peers and supervisors are encourage for more immediate and detailed responses. All suggestions and comments should be in the spirit of collegiality and improvement.

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08.30.18 - Temperatures in the buildings


The college is concerned about the ecology but continues to keep buildings so cold employees wear sweaters, wrap in blankets, use heating pads and use space heaters. Some students are wearing winter coats inside. When you are sitting IT IS COLD!! Save money and energy. Adjust the air conditioning so it is bearable.


Comment from Marcie Kemnitz

Thank you for making us aware of the temperature issues. Central Community College’s HVAC system is complex and utilizes a web based program custom made for each system, area, and campus. There are a few things that play a role in how the system works and what its limits are. We try and keep the temperature at 72 degrees in the summer and 73 degrees in the winter. With the web based controls they have a built in differential. This differential ranges from 1.5-3 degrees offset. So sometimes the system won’t start heating or cooling till the temp raises or lowers in the area a couple of degrees. At times this could take several hours. Some of the systems we have the fan on continuously to help with air exchange and keep the room from being too stuffy. So you may hear the fan running in your area but it doesn’t necessarily mean the system is heating or cooling at that moment. We have several different types of systems on this campus. There are geothermal heat pumps these systems are located in the H&S addition, Administration building, and the new entryway and offices. We have roof top units (RTU) these are in the rest of the main campus and CIT building. We have air to air heat pump systems which are located in the OTA area, some of the small conference rooms, and some of the data rooms.

Because of these complexities, it is a challenge to keep everyone at a temperature they feel most comfortable. However, please reach out to Rob Briseno in facilities to address your specific area if a persistent problem.

07.11.18 - Group Long Term Care Insurance


If the college hasn't already, I'd like to suggest they look into what's available for Group Long Term Care Insurance.  . It sounds like this can be done at no cost to the college and may present a valuable benefit for employees. For larger businesses, offering long-term care insurance as a workplace benefit can be an integral part of your strategy to recruit and retain the best talent, contain costs, and enhance employee productivity. Offered as a voluntary benefit, this protection can provide significant and potentially life-changing benefits for your employees without cost to the company.


Comment from Angela Davidson, Benefits Manager

The college used a consultant recently to evaluate the potential of offering group long term care insurance along with other services.  At that time, the recommendation from the consultant was to not have the offering.  As we do each year though, we reevaluate the potential for new benefit offerings and will continue to have group long term care insurance as one of those items.  The college does post information for employees about services being offered in the areas of additional insurance at our HR/Payroll sharepoint site.

07.10.18 - Cafeteria suggestion


The athletes would appreciate having an pasta option, just a simple noodle and marina sauce available daily


Comment from Dr. Kathy Fuchser 

Thank you for your suggestion. A Food Service Committee with membership from across campus will be organized this fall in order to provide suggestion and feedback about dining options on the Columbus Campus. Look for more information during the Organizational Fair to be held during Welcome Week.

07.02.18 - Payroll deduction


I would like to see the college include a payroll deduction for the NEST 529 plan.  It would be helpful in saving for a loved ones college future.


Comment from Joel King and Matt Gotschall

With a few exceptions like United Way, CCC Foundation and Community Health Charities that have been college-supported workplace deductions for decades, CCC has resisted expanding such requests as this becomes very difficult when we try to implement it.  For example, one deduction can be sent to multiple banks / accounts and possibly change more than annually. 

06.25.18 - New hires


When you send out an announcement of a new hire it would be helpful for us visual learners to have a picture to go with the name.


Comment from Chris Waddle, Vice President of Human Resources

At this time, new employees have their pictures taken when they come to the HR office to complete their paperwork.  Oftentimes, the supervisor has already made the announcement about the new hire.  We do appreciate the suggestion and will look at option for including the pictures in other places like the Campus Connections or a monthly announcement from the HR office on the hires made that month.

06.25.18 - Taking Fridays off

Comment/Suggestion  Just and informational segment I heard yesterday and  found interesting in light of the decision made to not have Fridays off this summer....Seems we might have been on the cutting edge for happier and more productive employees and we may have taken a step backwards.


Comment from Matt Gotschall

I saw the original airing of this story as well, and mentioned to my wife, that I bet I’ll be getting an email, so thank you for not proving me wrong!  It was an entertaining news story, but also note the comparison was for the afternoon off vs the whole day off.  The examples given also did not mention the potential vacation accumulation rates or other differences (like closure between Christmas and New Year) that occur throughout the year.  So I hope we have still been able to maintain happy and productive employees at CCC, and by the looks of the parking lots on many Friday afternoons, many employees are still enjoying that time away to make for a longer weekend!  Thanks for the note.

04.27.18 - trash cans


I like to eat outside at the new entrance and have noticed there are no trash cans out there. I would prefer to throw my lunch trash away outside and not have to carry it inside. I wonder if not having trash cans outside would dissuade students from using our new tables, or worse litter.  

Please install a trash can.


Comment from Marcie Kemnitz

Thank you for the suggestion and we’ll get one placed out there soon.

04.21.18 - Supply chain and logistics


I am attempting to earn my business administration degree with an emphasis in logistics through a combination of online and evening courses in Hastings. It has been brought to my attention that it is unknown if CCC is going to offer any logistics classes at all come fall semester. This is a problem for me as I am currently employed in the field and am obtaining this degree to further my career opportunities.

I would suggest, and respectfully request, that you keep the logistics classes and continue to offer a logistics program. There are excellent wages and benefits in the field as well as opportunities to progress and grow. 


Comment from Bradley Keasling and Dr. Candace Walton

Thank you for your feedback regarding the need for TSWL 110 Introduction to Logistics and TDWL 1250 Transportation Logistics in the Fall 2018 semester.

We are able to offer these two courses online in the Fall 2018 and hope to offer the final two in Spring 2019, but will not be able to teach any options in the Summer due to historically low demand.

The courses should now be available for registration.

Best of luck in your journey to finishing your degree with CCC. We thank you for selecting CCC as your educational choice. Take care!

04.16.18 - Fun NCLEX Crossword Puzzles


This looks like some fun NCLEX practice:

It has lots of free NCLEX exam review puzzles. You may want to post it because everyone needs a little stress relief when studying for this test


Comment from Marcie Kemnitz

Thank for the suggestion, we will forward the link to our nursing department for their review.

04.12.18 - engl 0670 not available online


I was told when I signed up for school that I can complete my degree online. I tried to sign up for the english class that is required before i can move forward is not offered online.

With my schedule I would have to take classes online or late night after 7 pm on campus.


Comment from Dr. Kathy Fuchser

CCC has several resources available to students who wish to retest for placement into a college level English or math class. Our Adult Education program helps students develop and improve basic skills.The Academic Success Center on each campus offers Skill Builder workshops to help students improve specific skills and prepare for retesting.Finally, CCC students can access several resources for test preparation at the following location:

Thanks for the suggestion.

04.11.18 - Walking Tacos and Spring Picnic


The Walking Tacos was a wonderful meal for the Spring Picnic but not very student friendly when students and visitors are told 1 bag of chips and you have to put the topping in the bag before you can dump it on a plate. Really? For some students this might be their only meal for the day. Why are we limiting them to 1 bag of chips and they are the small bags at that.

If you are going to offer a free meal to students don't put a limit on what they can have. Like I said earlier this might be the only meal they get for the day. 


Comment from Marcie Kemnitz and Nick Freelend

The Student Activities group helped plan the event. They determined walking tacos sounded good to them. (student input!) In the past, we have been directed to try to do less volume on food events. The solution to that was to go with more of a light snack rather than a full meal. In trying to be ecologically focused, Chartwells did not include plates and immediately reduced waste produced from the event. Historically, the Spring Picnic has had slightly lower numbers than the Fall Picnic, Christmas Party or Thanksgiving Buffet. With our student numbers reportedly down again this term, we anticipated 125 attendees. We had 176 go through the line. The request was made to go with one bag so that each attendee got an opportunity to have a taco before we offered seconds. Had the floodgates been opened immediately, we would have run out of food by 12:15. Many would miss out on the food completely in that scenario.

As it was, we ran out of chips twice and had to heat another (5th) pan of meat/sauce. The concept was to have something quick to serve, that did not interfere with a student schedule, and also allow them a chance to get a wire sculpture at the same time. The location of both activities was done to enhance awareness and participation. The intent was not to make the taco the day’s meal for anyone, but to use the budget dollars responsibly to provide a snack for many. The memo that was sent out from Marcie’s desk noted a “snack” for the picnic, as well. The price of the taco was cut to $2 for staff and free for students. That felt really quite student-friendly, in my opinion. 

04.11.18 - Webster Room 121


Please install a projector in this room. It has been very hard to see the other board from where I am sitting. Thank you 


Comment from Bill Hitesman

Thank you for letting us know there is a projector issue in Webster 121. In general, if a projector exists currently but not working, please submit a work order to address and correct the issue. The staff may be working on a fix already. If this has been completed but still not fixed, I would suggest talking to your supervisor to find out more specifics that can be worked out, or possibly look at alternative rooms that have working projectors.

Thanks and hopefully this matter can be corrected quickly. 

04.02.18 - "Spring/Easter" Break


I just found out Northeast Community College has no school and faculty and staff do not work on Friday and Monday of Easter Weekend. They also call it "Spring Break".....I know we try to keep in alignment with other community colleges.

It would be so great if CCC could have Friday off in observance of "Spring Break" or would be so nice for Staff who have family in town, etc. And just taking a vacation day doesn't always work for those of us who don't have much vacation because we have to use our vacation for young children's activities or when they are sick. Thanks!!!


Comment From Dr. Matt Gotschall

In consideration of the addition of the Martin Luther King Day paid vacation, the Board reviewed the number of vacation days offered by our peer community colleges and some regional and state colleges/universities.  We now have the same number of vacation days as our peers – even one more day than one college reviewed – so these additional days would mean a shift in time taken including the current Spring Break week or perhaps the days off in late December. The revised Academic Calendar (due to MLK holiday added) was just approved by Educational Services committee last week and will be an action item for Cabinet this week.  We will take this suggestion into consideration realizing employees celebrate different holidays throughout the year.