Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office is located in the 
Grand Island Administration Building.

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“The moments that you have with each group of students is very unique. I have very fond memories of celebrating with groups of students. My favorite part of working here is getting paid to do what I’ve always wanted to do, and I was given the freedom to design the course I wanted to design. The longer I’m here the more I feel like this is a part of me.”

- Juan Lara, Spanish instructor, Columbus Campus

“Being part of CCC is more like a family life, and we’ve had a lot of fun times. If you enjoy coming to work, your work is done better.”

- Sherry Desel, Enterprise Systems Services director, Administration

“I love working with the people, whether it’s the students or the people I share an office with. Every day is exciting whether it’s celebrating in our office or meeting somebody new that’s here from another country. Even getting to know each department has been a lot of fun and learning what people do so that I can learn new things.”

- Erin Lesiak, admissions director, Grand Island Campus

CCC Maximizes Student and Community Success

CCC takes pride on the reputable first-class education it’s provided for the past 50 years and looks forward to the next 50 years. Our faculty and staff are incredibly knowledgeable and distinguished in their fields and empowered to stay on the cutting edge.

Why CCC?

We see the community as our partner, and we engage with them through outreach programs, engaging events and charitable causes.


  • Health and Dental
  • Flex/HSA
  • Retirement
  • Vacation
  • Discounts


  • Student-focused
  • Family-oriented
  • Military-friendly
  • Sustainable-minded

Outside Employers

Career and Employment Services

Job Listings

Many employers list job openings each week. Full-time, part-time, temporary and volunteer positions are listed on the job board located on each campus.

Online Listings

Our online employment site is a great place for employers to list job openings. Employer services are available to employers who register through this site. All memberships are subject to the approval of the CES Committee. Current students and alumni have access to the site to view job openings.

Online Employment Site

Career and Employment Services