Pre-Enrollment Assessment

Central Community College helps students begin a successful college experience by assessing their skills before they enroll.

Who is required to take a pre-enrollment assessment?

All certificate, diploma and degree-seeking students, and those enrolling in math, reading, writing or communications (Academic English for English Language Learners) courses are required to take a pre-enrollment assessment, unless exempt. A student who transfers to CCC from an accredited institution of higher education and who has earned a “C” or better in college-level English and math may be exempt from the pre-enrollment assessment requirement. Other exemptions may apply. Contact an assessment coordinator for further information about exemptions from the pre-enrollment assessment requirement.

New students at CCC should complete a pre-enrollment assessment prior to meeting with a program advisor.

Please note that CCC health science programs require that ALL students complete a pre-enrollment assessment.

Prior to Testing

All students must complete and submit an application to CCC. 

Apply online

Appointments for Testing

All students must make an appointment to take the pre-enrollment assessment at CCC. Call the Assessment Office on the campus you plan to attend to make your appointment. Students should make an appointment at least two days in advance.

Information for Test Day
  • Bring a photo ID. No one will be allowed to test without a photo ID. Everything else needed for testing, including calculators, will be provided. Dictionaries and other aids are not allowed. 
  • Come to your scheduled testing session well rested and prepared to do your best. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Only students are allowed in the testing center. Out of courtesy for test-takers, family and friends, including children, are not permitted in the testing center.
  • The only electronic devices allowed during testing sessions are those that have been approved for use by the Disability Services Office. Students found violating this policy will be removed and not allowed to complete the scheduled test session.
  • Test sessions are approximately two hours long, depending on the number of test sections you take. After you complete the test, your results will be reviewed immediately and your next steps will be discussed.
Resources for Assessment Preparation

The placement assessment is important and can have a major impact on the cost of your education and how long it takes you to complete your program. Assessment scores help to determine your math, reading and writing skill levels. It is strongly recommended that students spend time reviewing before taking the placement test. 

The following resources will help you prepare for the pre-enrollment assessment: 




Additional Skill-Builder Opportunity

Our Skill Builder Workshop is an intensive individualized workshop designed for students who want to achieve a higher score on the assessment or refresh their skills in certain areas. Academic Success Center staff run the workshops, with additional assistance from peer tutors. Workshops are available for math, reading and writing. The cost is $20 per subject.

Retest Policies and Procedures

Retesting is appropriate when there is reason to believe that a score obtained from previous testing does not accurately reflect the examinee's true level of knowledge or skill.  Retesting may be appropriate if one or both of these situations apply:

  • Factors other than the examinee's ability have influenced the previous test result.
  • Scores from earlier testing have expired (test scores are valid for three years).

The following retest procedures will be followed at all CCC testing centers:

  • One free retest per student; any additional retests will cost the student $5 per individual test.
  • After the first retest, student may ask for additional retakes for a charge of $5 per individual test – if a period of five business days has passed AND if they have engaged in a significant intervention which has impacted their relevant knowledge and skills.
  • If CCC placement test scores have expired, there is no charge for a retest.


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