Motorcycle Rider Education

Do you want to learn to ride a motorcycle? Try the Central Community College Motorcycle Rider Education Course, which provides the beginning rider with classroom and riding instruction taught by professional coaches.

CCC will provide motorcycles, helmets (if needed), manual for study and coupon for online eCourse.

Each student must have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit and wear garments with long sleeves, long pants, shoes or boots with low heels that cover the ankles, gloves and eye protection.


  • $199 fee
  • Parental waiver for riders between 15 and 18
  • Certificate of completion for eCourse (a three-hour interactive program that is a prerequisite for the Basic Rider Course)
  • Attendance at all sessions
  • Passing score for riding and knowledge tests

Rider Capability

  • All students must be physically and mentally capable of controlling a motorcycle.
  • The course is not designed to each someone to balance a single-track, two-wheel motorcycle so all students must be able to balance a two-wheel vehicle such as a bicycle.
  • If the instructors deem a rider to be a safety risk to themselves or other riders, he or she will be asked to step out of the class. There will be NO REFUND.

Basic Rider Course Schedule

Classes meet from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.

  • May 19-20 (17/NC AVOR 5151 CH112)
  • June 2-3 (17/NC AVOR 5151 CH113)
  • June 9-10 (17/NC AVOR 5151 CH114)
  • June 23-24 (17/NC AVOR 5151 CH113)
  • July 7-8 (18/NC AVOR 5151 CH101)
  • July 21-22 (18/NC AVOR 5151 CH102)
  • August 4-5 (18/NC AVOR 5151 CH103)
  • August 18-19 (18/NC AVOR 5151 CH104)
  • September 8-9 (18/NC AVOR 5151 CH105)
  • September 22-23 (18/NC AVOR 5151 CH106)
  • September 29-30 (18/NC AVOR 5151 CH107)
  • October 6-7 (18/NC AVOR 5151 CH108)

For more information, contact the ELS Office:

Toll-free in Nebraska: 1-877-222-0780, ext. 2441